Our copyrighted Stop-Go-Tell prevention program proves that education is one of the best ways to combat child abuse in our community. This interactive and developmentally appropriate curriculum is offered to first- and fifth-grade students in public and private schools in Rowan County in two separate programs during the school year.

Children learn and practice an easy-to-remember three-step plan to keep themselves safe:

1. Tell the unsafe person to STOP.

2. GO — Get away from the unsafe person.

3. TELL a safe adult what is happening

The Program

The primary goal is to equip children with the skills they need to prevent or interrupt physical, emotional, neglect or sexual abuse. Students learn about personal safety and fifth-graders learn the same, along with basics about cell phone and Internet safety.

Stop-Go-Tell teaches children how to identify unsafe situations and how to build the skills necessary to get help if they are experiencing or witnessing abuse. We teach children to identify safe adults (like caregivers, teachers, and authority figures) that they can talk to if they need help. These adults are their superheroes, but if something unsafe is happening, we teach children that they have the power to be a superhero, too! They learn how to speak out and seek help.

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